Cardi B Beauty Line -Can One Soon Be On the Way?

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Cardi B Beauty Line

Could a Cardi B Beauty Line soon be on the way? Well, it looks like there is a lot of truth to this story! In an interview the growing hip hop mogul made clear her desire to develop her very own beauty collection lineup.

Cardi B Beauty Line -Can One Soon Be On the Way

Cardi B Beauty Line

The evidence? It all came down to a sit down exclusive with ET. The host slyly asked Cardi B when can the world expect the Cardi B Beauty Collection. At first, the rap superstar coyly did a hard pass on the question.

However, when drilled again about it just seconds later, being asked could it happen very soon; Cardi simply states, “Very.” Alright now, we are starting to get somewhere in all of this mysterious bypassing!

A few moments later in the same interview, in order to try and solidify things once and for all; the interviewer adds, “But this is something you would like to do.” Cardi B confirms, “It is something I want to do.”

BOOM. If it could always be that easy. Nevertheless, saying that you are going to bring about a collection of products is one thing; but, actually bringing it to fruition is another. However, there is a good chance that this is all really going to go down. Already, Cardi B has brought forth a line of products with Steve Madden, REEBOK and Fashion Nova. Plus, there was a lipstick with Marc Jacobs.

Cardi B Beauty Line

Therefore, this rap queen most likely will stay on track of building a name for herself outside of hip hop. There certainly is a market for more of her stuff. Her season 2 collection with Fashion Nova sold a million dollars worth of merch in one night. Proving that Cardi B can sell more than just songs.

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