Cardi B and Bruno Mars Please Me Enters Old School R&B Realm

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Cardi B and Bruno Mars Promise Me

The Cardi B and Bruno Mars Promise Me release is officially the jam that will have a whole new crop of babies born by November! Like for real, this song is definitely and ode to the era of R&B that had the masses screaming to their radios; and begging their baby to give them one more chance.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars Promise Me Enters Old School R&B Realm

Already, Please Me is going down in the music books. It is now the first song by a female rapper to reach number one on U.S. iTunes for 2019. Also, it sold 18,000 pure digital sales in its first 12 hours of release; making it a real contender to appear and debut in the Billboard Hot 100 top 5. Moreover, something tells us this is only beginning for Promise Me.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars Promise Me

This is the second meet up for Cardi and Bruno on a hit record. Their first “Finesse” was an instant success. Finesse is the epitome of house parties with a mix of fun upbeat early 90’s vibes.

Since Bruno and Cardi went old school on Finesse; then there really is no surprise that the two would visit that arena for their latest collaboration. Nevertheless, as soon as Please Me dropped, Twitter ERUPTED. Fan reaction was all basically positive with many saying it is already the best song of 2019 so far.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars Promise Me Enters Old School R&B Realm (Continued)

Cardi B and Bruno Mars Promise Me

Live footage of us dancing around to Promise Me (LOL)

Here are some fan reactions we picked through social media:

“Bruno Mars and Cardi B NEED to release a full album together.”

“I want a version with just Bruno lol.”


“Bruno did that!”

“NICE!!! Sounds old school. They collabe  VERY WELL TOGETHER!! Bruno’s vocal though.”

“The melody is definitely Jodeci, I’m glad Cardi game them a shout out!”

“Bruno always brings that good ole 90’s RnB vibe.”

“I can’t wait to hear the clean version they can play on the radio. I think I will love it then.”

“Adding to my mix. Love this song!”

“I think we all agree that Finesse was a much better song and honestly Bruno’s voice saves this song cause without it the song would fall kinda flat.”

“Whew Lawd.”

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