OKURRRR! Cardi B 2019 Superbowl Commercial with Pepsi!

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Cardi B 2019 Superbowl Commercial

She may have turned down the opportunity to perform live at the biggest sporting event of the year; however, that did not stop this superstar woman from still making her money moves. The Cardi B 2019 Superbowl Commercial is officially on and fans can’t wait to find out what it’s going to be about.

On her Instagram page, Cardi B teased the world with a very brief snippet from the upcoming advertisement. Moreover, when we say brief, we mean BRIEF. Literally, all together the tiny teaser was no longer than 4 seconds. Not enough to really decipher anything; but enough to cause an entertainment frenzy.

OKURRRR! Cardi B 2019 Superbowl Commercial with Pepsi

Just in case you haven’t seen it. Check it out below. It’s played twice so you get to enjoy 8 seconds of Cardi B; instead of a whopping 4.

As you can see, Pepsi is giving away absolutely NO spoilers. However, they did share one little thing. The popular cola brand also hit up social media just about a week ago with a 16 second teaser video showcasing hip hop artist and producer Lil’ Jon pouring Pepsi in a cup.

Unfortunately, it was not a Crunk Juice cup (seriously, how lit would that of been!??); but, it did shed some light on a tiny clue. Lil’ Jon is famous for his, “OKAYYY!” While Cardi B is majorly copied for her, “OKURR!” Both derivatives of the same word in our humble in opinion (LOL); therefore, maybe the spot will be a salute to why the world should only be OKAY and OKURR to drinking Pepsi.

Cardi B 2019 Superbowl Commercial

We are probably absolutely wrong (HaHa)), but you can’t deny the correlation. Us and the world will just have to wait till February 2nd in order to see the full commercial drop. Are you excited to see it?

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