Carats & Cake Share Tips for the Newly Engaged!

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Carats & Cake Share Tips for the Newly Engaged

Anyone who has ever planned for a big event, much less a wedding knows that it can be an exciting yet stressful time making sure every detail is perfection. Getting hitched or have a BFF that’s about to utter the words, “I do?” Check out these great tips we learned from the fabulous Carats & Cake! For a great resource check out, the premier network representing the very best in the wedding industry  and essential tips from creator  Jess Levin.

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Just got engaged? Embrace the moment!

So many couples rush into planning mode right away without taking the time to bask in the “just engaged glow”. Regardless of whether you are planning a 12 week or 12 month engagement, you have time and beginnings only happen once. So breathe.

When you do start the planning process, it is important that you have a sit-down with all parties involved and discuss the big picture from responsibilities to budget. The biggest piece of advice I hear from brides everyday is that communication and organization are key. Not only does this help everyone get on the same page, but it also avoids future conflicts.

It’s all about you and your beloved. Period.

Engagement Tips

Too many couples say they lose sight of this and get wrapped up in trying to make everyone else happy but themselves. Remember this is your wedding. As harsh as it sounds, you have to come to terms with the fact that you aren’t going to please everyone and setting boundaries as mentioned above can help.

Prioritize. Make a list of the things that are important to you and rank them. Working on a limited budget? Splurge on the things that matter and figure out how to save with things that don’t. Obsessing over a designer dress? Then see if a friend can make you an amazing play list so you don’t have to pay for a DJ. A flower aficionado? Make sure your florist can re-use flowers from the ceremony in the reception.

Photographs last a lifetime. Even though I said it’s all about you, arguably the third most important person at your wedding is the photographer. Choosing the right person to capture your special day can be daunting, so make sure you not only ask to view multiple weddings they have shot but also ask for referrals.

In addition, many girls recommend you meet your photographer before the big day so that the photographer gets a sense of you as a couple and knows what to look for. One more tip, make a list of the shots you absolutely want so nobody misses a thing.

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