Can a Relaxer Be Removed From Hair?

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There are several different ways to straighten black hair. Relaxers are effective methods in helping curlier textures achieve straighter, smoother tresses. Some women may wonder if once such a product is applied to their hair if things can be reversed if they no longer like the process or end results.

The truth of the matter is, in a word no. Permanents are called permanent for good reason. This is because the bonds in the hair are destroyed when the hair is relaxed. The section of the hair that has been relaxed will never be “natural” again.

The only way to get rid of relaxed hair is to either cut it off or wait for it to break off.  Waiting for the hair to break off is not really a good transition option.  However, some women choose it because they are uncomfortable giving up the length they’ve worked hard to get.  Nevertheless, there are ways to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair.  But, keep in mind the relaxed hair will never be natural again.