Burn Calories and Boost Metabolism With Breakfast

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Burn Calories and Boost Metabolism With Breakfast

No doubt over the years your mother has drilled it into you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That lady is very wise because researchers agree with her completely. It has been discovered that eating breakfast can not only increase your metabolic rate but has helped countless women keep the weight off! So if you are staring at your “freakum dress” in the closet eating a nice meal in the a.m. hours may be the key to bringing out that dress over and over again without any issues.

Okay, so we all know we should eat breakfast, but really how can we go about making it turn us into calorie burning machines? Aim to balance your meal with lean protein and carbohydrates which will get your furnace burning so to speak. Here is what will happen if you do:

  • Energy levels will climb leading to more calories burned
  • While you are asleep your body is fasting so breakfast provides the fuel your body needs instead of it using calorie burning muscle. The more muscle you can maintain the more you can burn.
  • Starving does nothing for your metabolism, but eating will do wonders. This is because our bodies burn calories through the processing of food which involves digestion as well as absorption.
  • Eating protein not only jumpsuits your metabolism but can help prevent overeating later in the day.

A few protein rich foods that are excellent for breakfast would be eggs or nuts. Moreover, beware of sugary breakfasts found in pastries and some cereals. These sugar heavy meals can spike then cause a dip in your blood sugar levels resulting in you getting hungry before the morning can even end. So then, choose your breakfast wisely and you will be on the way to being a mean, calorie burning machine.

Burn Calories and Boost Metabolism With Breakfast2

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