Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder

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Bumble and Bumble has been producing quality luxury hair care products since 1990, when they first debuted their Brilliantine hair product. The owner of the salon, frustrated with the low quality of other hair care products, decided to create his own.

He called it Brilliantine and it was big from the start. That was just the beginning and for the last 20 years the company has continued to innovate and introduce new high quality hair care products.

The focus for Bumble and Bumble products is on revitalizing both the scalp and the hair.

The idea behind these products is to enhance the hair from the inside out, strengthening even the follicles of hair that are embedded in the scalp. In this way, not only does hair look better, but it also stays stronger for longer and ultimately requires less maintenance.

No matter your type of hair – whether dry, fine, damaged or just totally average – there’s a good product for you.

Let’s talk about some hair products in details. When talking about Bumble and Bumble products it only makes sense to start at the beginning with Brilliantine. Brilliantine gives hair a special sheen while providing a sort of casual, slept-in look that makes it look like you look good effortlessly.

Moving on, another great product is their Thickening Hairspray. This easy to apply spray is perfect for people with fine hair who want to get some more volume in their hair. However, it’s not limited just to people with fine hair and it can work wonders for all hair types. Just spray it on your dampened hair evenly and you can easily achieve a great style.

One of the interesting things offered in this line are a series of powder products for specific hair colors. There’s one for platinum blondes, one for dirty blondes, one for brown-haired people, and another for those with black hair.

Each individual product is designed to highlight the natural beauty of each color or to tint your color in that direction. These hair powders simply spray on to slightly oiled hair. Just be careful not to get it all over your clothes or your bathroom sink if you don’t want them to be tinted!

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