Brushing Up on Hairstyling

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Don’t just look at your brush as being just another tool thrown in your bathroom drawer. The right brush can help you achieve the hairstyle that you desire. So then, next time you go to buy a brush keep these little facts in mind because you should purchase a brush based on how you want to style your hair, which all leads back to having healthy hair.

Brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with some interesting names such as: boar, paddle, round, vent and teasing. The boar brush penetrates and grips hair in order to help stimulate the scalp and release natural oils while you brush. Moreover, a boar bristle brush will provide a relaxing scalp massage and at the same time smooth all lengths of hair. paul-mitchell-paddle-brush

If you could use a little more lift or volume in your hair then consider using a teasing brush. Teasing brushes can help you to softly back brush your hair so that you create the desired volume in your crown area. More fullness is achieved because the staggered bristle lengths aids in penetrating and lifting hair.

Vent brushes come in two sizes one for shorter hair and the other for longer lengths. Vents brushes are great for quickly drying wet hair straight without creating a bend.

Round and paddle brushes are both awesome brushes when it comes to drying your hair. Round brushes will develop teasing-hair-brushvolume and body and are available in small, medium, large and jumbo-sized barrels. Nevertheless, when used with the heat of a blow dryer, the smaller round brush acts like rollers to create curl and movement.

The larger round brushes smooth tresses and add body. If you have longer hair then paddle brushes are perfect for de-tangling and drying long hair. This is because their wide, flat bases are just right for creating straight, smooth styles.