Beauty Quickie: Fixing Brittle Nails With Easy Home Treatment

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Beauty Quickie: Snap, Crackle and pop! If that famous tagline perfectly describes your nails instead of a bowl of cereal; relax, many girls are in the same beauty boat. After creams, lacquer removers and numerous polishes on the market it would seem like brittle nails would be a thing of the past.

However, a quick google search would quickly show that this dilemma is not only widespread, but common. Every day hundreds of ladies search for a cure to their brittle nails. Therefore, if you have come to this page breathe easy, because we are going to share a easy home treatment you can perform. Not only will we tell you how to do it, but why it exactly it works.

Beauty Quickie: Fixing Brittle Nails With Easy Home Treatment

Let’s cut to the chase, so what really works? Two words: Olive Oil. Simple, easy to purchase as well as easy to use. Moreover, by utilizing olive oil you can help your nails regain strength. Furthermore, the best part is that this treatment is all natural without any harmful ingredients involved.

How Does Olive Oil Fix Brittle Nails?

Well, for one, this amazing oil is capable of penetrating the nail and skin. In turn this helps to soften nails as well as repair any damage which leads to better nail health and strength.

How To Do It?

Pour the olive oil into a small bowl or container and then dip your nails inside. Allow them to rest and soak in the oil for five minutes and then the treatment is complete! You may do this daily or when you find free time. The beautiful results will be noticeable in no time.

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