Spotlight: Meet Desiree Byfield - The Boss Woman Behind Young, Gifted and Black!

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Boss Woman

In the words of Kelis, many women around the world are starting to shout, “I’m a boss!” … and truly live it! So then, what does it actually take to be a Boss Woman in today’s Instagram, online and ever-changing business realm? Well we recently, had the honor of chatting up Desiree Byfield, one of the co-creators of one of our fave platforms, Young, Gifted and Black.

Desiree spilled all on what it took for her to get started as an entrepreneur and how you can do it too! Ready to be inspired? Read on to learn more about this amazing and empowering female CEO!

Spotlight: Meet Desiree Byfield – The Boss Woman Behind Young, Gifted and Black

Q: Desiree thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us for this edition of Spotlight! First of all, please tell us a little about yourself. Where are you based, and also what are you interested in, etc.

A: I’m 25 years old and I’m based in West Palm Beach, Florida. I’m interested in fashion, makeup, but also how we can make the world a better place by coming together.

Boss Woman

Q: Wonderful! What inspired or motivated you to start your own platform?

A: Honestly I felt a strong urgency to bring the black community together. A dream came to me and all I remember seeing in my dream was the words Young Gifted And Black. I couldn’t figure out why but eventually it all came together.

Spotlight: Meet Desiree Byfield – The Boss Woman

Q: Simply amazing. Would you say it was easy to get started, or were there a few challenges in the beginning?

A: Surprisingly it wasn’t a hard thing to get started because everyone in our community instantly loved the concept and supported it. [Furthermore] they all felt like it was something we needed to do.

Q: Yes, it is definitely needed it. You know, we always aim to encourage young black girls and women in general to become entrepreneurs; but sometimes we notice they don’t do it because they do not believe they can. So how do you stay motivated to keep pushing as a boss woman?

A: I always wanted to be an entrepreneur because I never liked the thought of working for someone else. What keeps me motivated is that very same fact, a lot of black women quit before they even get started. I have a younger sister she’s 19 and she’s an amazing artist. I just want to show her it is possible with the right steps taken of course!

Boss Woman

Spotlight: Meet Desiree Byfield – The Boss Woman Behind Young, Gifted and Black (Continued)

Q: Alright, we hear that! Plus by the way, we absolutely love all the empowering merch that you are selling! They’re cute, fun, and inspirational. Why do you feel it’s so important for girls of color to be able to purchase clothing and accessories that has such an upbuilding message?

A: It’s important for me to advertise uplifting messages for young black girls on our brand because, unfortunately, in the year of 2018 I am 25 years old and I still don’t see enough mainstream brands for people of our color. In mainstream news/media etc. the image of women with lighter skin colors are glorified; and forced on the public like that is the only image that is viewed as beautiful, smart, or positive even. It’s very important for young black girls to view themselves on TV or in fashion in a positive light or else they simply will never believe those things.

Boss Woman

Q: Love that! So then, what do you hope that Young, Gifted and Black will accomplish in the coming years?

A: I hope that it can bring our black community together so that they can genuinely support one another. I hope that it can be accepted & viewed by other races as something positive and not something that is threatening or something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Sometimes there is a confusion when it comes to the black community showing self love.

Boss Woman

Spotlight: Meet Desiree Byfield – The Boss Woman Behind Young, Gifted and Black (Cont.)

Q: Now you are absolutely gorgeous, and we love getting beauty details from everyone we chat with LOL. Therefore, you have to share with us and all the readers your top beauty tip(s).

A: I try to drink lots of water and I’m working on transitioning into eating healthier it’s a work in progress lol. But I am interested in becoming vegan because health is very important and a lot of people who became vegan look great!

Q: Awesome! Thanks again for gabbing with us today Desiree, we absolutely enjoyed it! Lastly, how can our readers connect with you? Hit us with your social handles, etc.

A: Thank You! Readers can follow me on:



They can just DM me to be featured on our movement!

Be sure to follow Desiree on Instagram to keep up with her and everything going on with Young, Gifted and Black. Want to check out some of the awesome YGB clothing? Find out more here!

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