Boohoo x Jordyn Woods -60 NEW Stylish Pieces to Grab ASAP!

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Boohoo x Jordyn Woods

She may not want YOUR situation, but if you are a fashion lover you may want to be apart of hers! In collaboration with major fashion brand Boohoo; Jordyn is dropping the Boohoo x Jordyn Woods collection. A 60 piece lineup that will range from sizes 2 to 26!

That’s great news. A collection with that much range, at times can be quite unheard of these days. Even though many companies are beginning to ease up on the “lack of effort” to supply larger sizes; in order to accommodate girls and women of all shapes as well as body types.

Boohoo x Jordyn Woods

Woods recently explained to Refinery 29 that this is something that she is passionate about. Doing her part to provide fashionable clothing for girls bigger than a mannequin. Additionally, she also mentioned how to stay body positive; and what design is her favorite piece in her Boohoo collection. In an exclusive interview the model and couture collaborator states,

“It wouldn’t feel right for me if every body type wouldn’t be able to wear something I designed. I’ve been in situations to where there has been cute clothes that I couldn’t get in my size and I know how it feels.

With Instagram and everything else, it’s easy to compare yourself to others but I what I’ve learned is that the best part about you is that no one is you. That is powerful.

[Furthermore] my favorite piece [in my line] is the hot pink skirt with the matching top. I feel like that color is everything.”

No body shaming. No lack in sizing. Now this is collection you run not walk towards! We have the feeling it will sell out FAST.

Boohoo x Jordyn Woods -60 NEW Stylish Pieces to Grab ASAP

So when is the Boohoo and Jordyn Woods collab releasing? Boohoo customers can get their hands on every piece beginning on June 26. As mentioned there are some 60 different looks to choose from. Meaning there will most likely be something for everyone to love.

Ready to get pumped up for this drop? We just put the finishing touches on our Fashion Trailer for this collection. Check it out below!

As one can see, Woods is bringing it! Yet, shall we talk money honey? What about pricing? For those still recovering from sticker shock over Rihanna’s luxury Fenty line. There will not be any price anxiety with this fashion release. All pieces will be available for purchase in the $15-$60 range. Making this a fun, chic and affordable collection.

Nevertheless, what exactly is up for grabs? Need a new dress, blazer, two-piece set or jumpsuit? Well, great you’re in luck, because Jordyn’s Boohoo collab is bringing all those styles straight to your fingertips and soon, your closets. The collection is offering up all of those looks in vibrant colors and sexy detailing which is perfect for this season’s trends.

Boohoo x Jordyn Woods

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