Bobby Pin - How to Get It to Stay and Secure Any Hairstyle

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The bobby pin is an extremely helpful hairstyling tool. It is indeed tiny, but the end results it can achieve is darn right mighty. Nevertheless, there is a way to add even more security to your more elaborate hair looks. With one simple trick your bobby pin can get the job done with even more holding power!

Bobby Pin – How to Get It to Stay and Secure Any Hairstyle

Have you ever done your hair and walked out thinking you are just one good wind from disaster? Ease your mind by helping your bobby pins out a smudge. Before using them give your pins a quick spritz with dry shampoo or hairspray. The whole idea behind this is that the sprays will make the pins more tacky. As a result, that tackiness will in turn give your bobby pins more grip.


A little helpful grip is very useful especially if your bobby pins tend to fall out or your hair is on the thinner side. Nevertheless, even if your hair is thicker than an Instagram model sprayed bobby pins will cut down on worrying if your style will potentially fall out or become undone. Here’s how to give your bobby pin more control:

  1. Place the bobby plans you plan to use on a clean tissue or paper towel.
  2. Lightly spray the pins with hairspray or dry shampoo.
  3. Allow the pins to dry for 1-2 minutes before inserting them into your hairstyle.
  4. Happy styling!

Spraying your bobby pins is a quick and easy trick in order to gain more control and hold. So go ahead and spritz your way to the perfect hairstyle that will built to last.

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