BOLD HAIR! Obsessed with India Westbrooks Blue Haircolor

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Blue Haircolor

India Westbrook’s new two tone blue haircolor is HAWT! Westbrook is never shy when it comes to a bottle of hair dye. The social darling has been a blonde with more fun to a sassy fire engine redhead. However, her current haircut is what dye dreams are made of!

We love how the darker blue transitions into an equally fun light blue. Plus, did you get a load of her divine cut and finger waves combo? The entire look is killer and makes us want to grab a pair of scissors and bottle of blue dye.

India’s awesome blue haircolor was created by celebrity stylist, Christol Williams. Christol is a master color expert as well as cutting specialist. If you can’t get an appointment keep on the lookout for her in-depth Hair Color Symposiums. The next one is in June.

Blue Haircolor

BOLD HAIR! Obsessed with India Westbrooks Blue Haircolor

Thinking about dying your strands with a super vibrant hair color? There are a few things to keep in mind that no one might tell you. These next details should keep down any shock factor.

  • Cold Showers– It is recommended to wash your color treated strands with cold water to prevent fading. We’re getting chills just thinking about it.
  • Fadeeeee– You may think of Teyana Taylor dancing in a music video, but we mean your cool Instagram worthy haircolor. Coming from the salon you’ll look amazing but the fading will begin after about a week and when you go to cleanse/condition. Color-safe products will help some but the original vibrancy will still be lost to a slightly less awesome shade.
  • Process Princess– Getting the color you want depends on your natural hair shade. The darker it is the more bleaching and effort involved. Depending on how light and bright you are trying to go it may take multiple rounds of processing.
  • Split Ends– Chemicals in hair dye can make your hair weaker. This is why deep conditioning is important and some choose to do light “dusting” from time to time. Dusting is giving your hair a very tiny trim just to keep split ends at bay.
  • Just Say No– Color makes strands more delicate so you need to treat them like a baby. Avoid using heat styling products as much as possible.
  • That’s So Pastel– Hair colorists the world over agree that pastels are the hardest to achieve. Therefore, know the risks before you dye your hair. If it seems like too much try using a wig or extensions to get the look you desire. Dead, dried out colorized strands is not cute on anyone.

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Blue Haircolor Blue Haircolor Blue Haircolor

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