Blonde Naturals?

Black Girls Blonde Naturals?
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As we know the natural movement is going so strong right now in the black community which is great. It’s nice that we as black woman are embracing our natural textures and seeing that our hair texture is beautiful. But sadly, with all movements, sometimes within our own community judging begins to happen. Why does she straighten her hair? Why does she wear her hair so bushy? Does she have a relaxer? How many packs of hair does she have in her head? Exhausting I know.

I write this post because with the naturals embracing their own hair some have begun to look down on those who chose to style their hair differently. I have had natural girls actually look down on me like they are better because they wear their hair “naturally”. However how many naturals do you see with these bright blonde curly hair styles? Many. How natural is that. So in a way you still you are not completely natural because you are dying your hair blonde as if you were born in Sweden.

Now I have no problem with anyone dying their hair whatever color. Heck I’ve gone blonde before but I knew that hair color wasn’t naturally coming out of my scalp and lording it over anybody. So why not this naturals, permed hair girls, curly chicks or even my pressed hair girls and sew-in ladies why don’t we uplift one another and not tear each other down.

However you desire to style your hair do it for yourself and don’t give that other black girl who walks by you dirty looks because she chooses to style her hair a different way than you. Black is beautiful and their are plenty of other people out their trying to tear us down, because no matter how you style your hair they still see black even with your dyed blonde hair. So respect one another because black is beautiful.

Black Girls Blonde Naturals? Black Girls Blonde Naturals? Black Girls Blonde Naturals?