Black Women Fitness: Say No to Stress

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Black Women Fitness Say No to Stress2

Stress is literally an enemy of fitness that could derail all of your hard-earned work in the gym. Stress actually has the ability to decrease metabolism if not kept in check. How does stress put a choke hold on our metabolisms?

Stress causes our bodies to put ourselves in conservation mode in order to store calories. This storing process can have you gaining weight even if you are not exercising as much as you had been or not eating more than you usually do. Scary!

Black Women Fitness Say No to Stress

Therefore, what are some ways that a lady of fitness can help herself say no to stress? Try listening to calming music, stretching and remembering to breathe deeply when a stressing situation arises. Moreover, call up the girls and have a night on the town or take a walk to help clear the mind. You might also consider writing in a diary or journal to help express your thoughts as well as emotions. Taking these precautions will not only help you find your joy regardless of what life throws at you but will also help you stay on the road to being your best fit self!

Black Women Fitness Say No to Stress3

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