Black Men Blue Hair Trend

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Black Men Blue Hair Trend

We tried hard not to like this look, but can no longer stand it… it is fire! From Tumblr to Instagram we have noticed more and more photos of black guys indulging in the blue hair trend. We are loving all of the different variations including high top cuts and partial color just on the sides.

Blue hair even on women is a VERY bold hair look. Nevertheless, when done right it is one of the most chic wild child hairstyles that anyone could wear. In a world saturated with ombre, blonde and pastels it is quite refreshing to see a solid color getting mad love.

Black Men Blue Hair Trend2

Besides, just blue hair we have even seen some guys completely go all in and try a multi-tinted style. We figured the mermaid hair color trend would only be a girl thing but seeing it on men proves that anyone with the guts can claim the glory. If a man possesses the innate style and personality then the his dyed hair will blend in with his fashions naturally.

Black Men Blue Hair Trend3

Mermaid Hair Color

If your man or best friend is interested in going blue here are a few hair dye tips that you can share with him:

  1. Beat the Heat: Dyed hair and heat styling are not best friends, so such styling should be avoided. Unlike us girls many men will let their blow dryer collect dust and air dry their hair. That would actually be a better option because heat seriously strips hair color.
  2. Prevent the Rinse: After bleaching tell that dude to avoid getting his hair wet like its the plague. Excessive hair washing and water will cause fading to happen even faster. Guys can try using a dry shampoo in-between hair washes to help keep dyes vibrant longer.
  3. Cold Water Rinse: Since we are on the topic of cleansing, whenever blue hair dude does his final rinse it should be with cold water. He doesn’t need to freeze like an Eskimo, but as cold as he can stand. Unlike hot water that will strip color, cool water will close the cuticle, make hair shiny and lock in the color.

Black Men Blue Hair Trend4

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