Black Hairstyles: The Undercut

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Black Hairstyles The Undercut

Are you the type of hair-lista that loves to live on the edge? Has your hair seen more changes in color than the Care Bears rainbow? If so, you may just be a future candidate for The Undercut.

The Undercut is exactly what it sounds like when it comes to the look and feel of this black hairstyle. An undercut is where the back sections of your head/hairline is cut or buzzed very short. Some daring ladies even choose to the extend the look to include the sides of their head (think Rihanna).

We came across a few undercut styles on Instagram which reignited our love for the style, yet the one featured up top was our absolute favorite.  The diagonal design and the purple hair color just sent us to the moon. Below you will find a little more inspiration that may just convince you to give this a look a try!

Hair Tips: Once you get an undercut done the compliments will roll on in, but the maintenance can be a headache without the right products. Hair never stops growing which means your hair is not going to stay looking perfectly cut. In between reshape hair cuts keep hairs slicked down and in place with gel or mousse. This will also help maintain the look until you can blend the hair together if you are over the undercut and growing out your hair.

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