Black Hairstyles: Fake Bang and Topknot

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black hairstyle fake a bun

Here is a fun hairstyle that is great whether you are dressed up or more causal. No need to do a big snip to achieve a bang, below you will find a quick tutorial on how to fake one. All you will need is:

  • 2 Hair-ties
  • Bun shaper or sock
  • Finishing spray (optional)

1. Pull Up– Fashion hair into a high ponytail and don’t worry about making it look perfect. A little messy actually makes this style look a little more edgy.

2. Add Volume– If your hair is not naturally thick or long enough for a top knot there are ways to cheat and make this look work, I do it all the time. Cut the toe end of a sock off and roll it up until it looks like a donut. Pull your hair through the sock and fashion your hair around it in order to hide the sock then secure strands with a hair tie leaving excess hair out. Nevertheless, nowadays socks are not necessary because pre-made “bun” shapers are available at the mall or local beauty supply store.

3. Move Forward– Pull forward the excess hair not surrounding the bun shaper or sock in order to create a bang.

4. Hold It Right There– Spray hair with a finishing spray if you would like to add a little more holding power to your hair look.

black hairstyle fake a bun3

black hairstyle fake a bun2