Black Hair Question: Am I Getting Enough Trims?

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Black Hair Question Am I Getting Enough Trims3

Answer: If you have made the resolution or goal to grow longer tresses during 2016 then this is differently a question you will want to give some attention to and very soon. Nevertheless, the thought of taking a pair of scissors to strands can seem like to many women to be a practice full of contradiction. It is easy to begin to think, “So I grow hair and then I am supposed to cut it every few weeks?” Oh the madness!

Over the years it has become abundantly clear that is no longer necessary to get strands cut as often as previously believed. Moreover, to help ease the mind do know that a trim is completely different from a haircut. With trims the only hair that is getting or should be cut is what actually needs to be cut. The whole thrust of trimming is just to cut a little bit at a time.

Black Hair Question Am I Getting Enough Trims

So then, what exactly does a proper trim achieve? Trims enable hair to stay healthy due to the removal of split ends and other damage. If left unchecked split ends can travel further and further up the hair shaft weakening it. Long, weak looking hair will not bring the boys to the yard and will not look so good to the girls either. Therefore, if you are growing out your hair then at the outset of your journey get a trim and then every couple months due a maintenance trim to keep growth going in the right direction.

Black Hair Question Am I Getting Enough Trims2

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