Black Hair Do or Don't? Giambattista Valli Spring 2015

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Giambattista Valli Spring 2015

Here at the office we were kind of torn with this look. Half loved it and the other half loved it too, but felt the look could not be translated for the streets. Is this a look only for the runways never to be repeated in day to day life?

Orlando Pita who styled the model’s hair for the Giambattista Valli Spring 2015 show said the look caused the girls to feel absolutely beautiful. Isn’t that how great hair SHOULD make you feel? Okay, so a point goes to the look itself, but how did Oliver create this style? Pita slipped on a polka veil after first pulling the model’s tresses into a low ponytail. He then secured the look by tying a thick ribbon at the top, fashioning it into a chic cute bow. Oliver said regarding the look, “I’m dressing up the ponytail to give it a couture feel.”

This look brings the drama so of course could not be worn for just any occasion. Nonetheless, a night out on the town or for a fashionable event and this would be a very stylish option. So then, it’s time for you to way in is this hairstyle a do or a don’t?

Giambattista Valli Spring 2015-2

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