Black Hair Care Products: Curls Cashmere Collection with Organic Caviar Extract

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Black Hair Care Products

We are telling you the search ends here! Looking for a line of black hair care products that will not only transform but make styling your natural hair simpler? Well, today is your lucky day! Hair brand, CURLS Cashmere and Caviar Collection is the solution for all your natural hair needs.

Black Hair Care Products: Curls Cashmere Collection with Organic Caviar Extract

Black Hair Care Products

What’s in it? The one thing that separates a hair product from another one is simple… the formula. The formula is everything because it will dictate what benefits it will achieve for your hair.

The CURLS collection incorporates cashmere and caviar, but what do this ingredients do for tresses? CURLS answers,

“You will never believe what Certified Organic Caviar Extract can do for your hair. Introducing CURLS Cashmere Collection; formulated with Cashmere, Caviar and Champagne Fruit Extracts to strengthen- restructure- add sheen to stressed and damaged coils and kinks.

Champagne is a key ingredient in our Cashmere and Caviar Collection. Do you know the hair benefits of Champagne? The antioxidants in Champagne Fruit Extract are 20 to 50 times more powerful than Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Resulting in protection from damage, eliminating free radicals and purifying the hair and scalp. It’s [also] known for improving elasticity and manageability to healthy hair.

Benefits of Certified Organic Cashmere Extract? Known as the most luxurious fabric, Cashmere extract is a keratin protein, broken down into the smallest molecular level. To infuse with the hair shaft to smooth the cuticle, provide intense shine and manageability.”

Black Hair Care Products – Curls Cashmere Collection – How the Line Works

Black Hair Care Products

Great benefits right? Nevertheless, trying out a new hair care system can be a little confusing. You may wonder, how do you use all the various products in the line? What exactly do they do? To answer these questions and more, in regards to the CURLS black hair care products we went straight to the brand. Here’s how they explain how to use their collection line up:

“Our newest collection provides the ultimate hydration for your coils, curls and kinks. [In order] to offer ultimate manageability, restoration and prevention of damage. Cleanse your hair [with Hair Bath] once per week or as needed to restore moisture, regulate the scalp secretions [as well as] purify the hair and scalp.

Formulated with Active Charcoal, an all natural benefit to the scalp and hair as it gently removes excess oil, build up, toxins and relieves scalp conditions. Creating natural volume and allowing your hair to better absorb the ingredients in your conditioning treatment. For added moisture and slip, prep with the Hair Serum or add a few drops of the Hair Serum to your Hair Bath.”

Black Hair Care Products

Black Hair Care Products – Curls Cashmere Collection – How the Line Works (Cont.)

Shampooing and cleansing is pretty straight forward, however what about some of the other products? For instance, those that are used for daily maintenance or hairstyling. CURLS goes on discussing the rest of their line stating,

“You were not made to be average! You were built to be extraordinary and should be treated as such. From your head to your toes, treat yourself with the exceptional care you deserve. Our newest collection provides ultimate hydration for your coils, curls and kinks to strengthen, restructure and add sheen.

Black Hair Care Products

The Hair Moisture Complex, this versatile formula can be used in multiple ways : 1) After cleansing and conditioning, apply your Hair Moisture Complex to your strands as a leave-in treatment. 2) Use as a daily moisture maintenance treatment. Seal in the moisture by finishing with the Hair Serum. 3) This product can also be used as your curl refresher to hydrate and restyle your curls and coils.

Our Hair Serum is made with your unique hair type in mind. Finish off your look with this emollient rich, golden potion, chock full of uber moisturizing ingredients to soften, your coily tresses. Apply as a glossy finale to your wash and go as well as style outs. Or use as a pre-poo, sealant, uber moisturizing protectant for blow drying, or drop 5-10 drops to boost your Hair Masque treatment.”

Black Hair Care Products

Black Hair Care Products – Curls Cashmere Collection – Why It Was Created

The founder as well as CEO of CURLS, Mahisha Dellinger, says that she created this indulgent collection with a particular group of hair consumers in mind. Who proved to be her focus? Dellinger reveals,

“I created this Cashmere and Caviar Collection to give naturalistas more options, opportunities and choices. In order to further beautify their tightly coiled hair. There are not many options available for women that want a luxurious high end collection with clinically proven ingredients.

Ingredients for adding sheen, structure, and protection to ultimately improve the condition of their highly textured hair. This one is specifically for this overlooked market. Available at”

Curls Cashmere Collection with Organic Caviar Extract – Celebrity Product Review

Black Hair Care Products

Trusted product reviews can make all the difference when it comes to testing out spanking new black hair care products. Former Run’s House reality television star, Angela Simmons, recently weighed in on CURLS. One interesting insight was how and when she utilizes the Cashmere and Caviar Collection. She states,

“No matter what I do to my hair: extensions, straight or braided, I always take care of my ‘hair under there’ with CURLS. Got my hands on their new Cashmere and Caviar Collection and it is amazing! Protect and moisturize before you style!”

Keeping hair healthy under wigs, hair pieces or in braids is essential to maintaining as well as promoting hair growth. Failing to do so can result in breakage, shedding, loss of strands and a host of other problems. Therefore, using a hair care system like CURLS’ can help to keep hair strong with any style.”

Black Hair Care Products

As one can see, this collection is comprehensive and thorough. Everything your hair needs to stay healthy is inside this collection. Want it? Get the entire collection for only $45 at

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Black Hair Care Products