Black Girl Confidence Ebook -Become a More Powerful YOU!

Black Girl Confidence Ebook


Regardless of one’s age, a young black girl faces a tough uphill battle. this world does its best to convince black girls AND women that they are less than, should expect as well as accept less; and that they are powerless to rise to higher heights. Such negative thinking is TOXIC! This is why our Black Girl Confidence Ebook development is important and essential to the success of all women of color.



Confidence is the KEY to breaking free of the chains that prevent us from believing and becoming the best versions of ourselves. For that reason, we have put our heart and soul into creating a E-Book to help combat this issue that many unfortunately must suffer from within our community. It’s not easy living in a world entrenched with disrespect and hatred. However, that does not mean you can’t heal, or rise in order to soar HIGH above such deplorable attitudes.



In this E-Book we will help you take your own personal journey in improving your wellness, mental health and strengthening your inner fire, your confidence. Others may try to douse your fire; however, Black Girl Confidence is designed to give you the tools necessary to rage on and grow!


Black Girl Confidence Ebook


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Black Girl Confidence Ebook- Quick Overview

This E-Book is a “go at your own pace” course; because growth occurs at different rates for different people. So breathe, relax and just go with the flow. Each section is clearly explained and some portions include simple assignments to help you learn more about yourself and various strategies that will encourage you to block out hate and step up to the plate!

Expect to cover:

  • Acceptance
  • Honest and Open Self-Talk
  • Journaling
  • Remolding and Rewiring Your Mindset
  • Tools for Success
  • Expanding Your Comfort Zone
  • Life-Long Confidence Strategies 
  • Revealing the New Powerful YOU!

You don’t have to carry negative baggage for the rest of your life. Learn from it, heal from it and conquer once and for all!


Black Girl Confidence Ebook


Are You Ready to See and Be a More Confident, Powerful YOU?!

Now is the TIME. Become the person the world is so afraid you’ll grow into… an unstoppable, intelligent, and CONFIDENT black girl or woman!


Black Girl Confidence Ebook


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The Empowered Black Girl

“Encourage Yourself, Believe in Yourself, and Love Yourself. Never Doubt Who You Are!”



Black Girl Confidence Ebook