Black Couples: Ciara and Russell Wilson

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Black Couples Ciara and Russell Wilson4(Oh snaps! That hand placement Mr. Russel!)

Looks like spring did it’s thing and cupid shot a hole right in the heart of Ciara as well as Russell Wilson. The singer and NFL star have been seen getting cozier and cozier and yesterday was not any different. The hot couple was spotted having a romantic date night at the White House. However, it wasn’t just how glamorous they looked or the fact they were invited back to the White House in such a short span of time that got us melting into chick flick status.

Russell took to social media sharing a candid photo with the caption,

“Dancing at The @WhiteHouse to Prince & Stevie Wonder w/ my lady @Ciara… Thanks Mr. President & First Lady! #IsntSheLovely #Blessed.”

Alright, let’s make sure we queue this right, altogether everyone, “Ahhhhh!” He called Ciara his lady a term of endearment marking a true gentleman. We love football and it almost feels sacrilegious being happy for a Seahawk (we rep other teams LOL), but Russell is really leaving a great model of what it means to treat a woman right.

Black Couples Ciara and Russell Wilson Black Couples Ciara and Russell Wilson2

Beauty Notes: Ciara shows how to do date night makeup right this season! Remember gals that less is more and that most men prefer that a lady show off her natural beauty. Highlight your best features and keep everything more streamlined. Ciara chose to go with strong brows, eyeliner and a hint of eyeshadow to play up her gorgeous eyes.

Black Couples Ciara and Russell Wilson3

Hair Notes: Too much to glean here and too much to fit in one post! Nevertheless, the low ponytail is a major trend for summer and can be dramatized by fashioning a DEEP middle or side part as demonstrated by Cici.

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