Blac Chyna New Red Hairstyle!

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Blac Chyna New Red Hairstyle!

We don’t know if it’s the pregnancy glow, but Blac Chyna is pumping life into us in the beauty and hair department. Just a few weeks back Chyna had us doing a double take with her luxurious long, raven waves. An elegant and sophisticated look that we completely went ape over. Now the model/reality star has changed it up again going full rouge. Okay, we can admit it, we love the Blac Chyna new red hairstyle!

The length is shorter and the curl pattern is tighter but the hairstyle is still fly! As soon as we saw her rocking her new look we knew we had to get the deets on it ASAP. The style is perfect for any gal who is fearless in the salon chair. Want the Blac Chyna new red hairstyle? Keep reading…

Blac Chyna’s extensions are from Kendra’s Boutique (on the Gram search for @kendrasboutique you’re welcome LOL) and were custom colored to achieve their very red tint. The hair is the boutique’s Brazilian Deep Wave Hair. Lengths that were used to create Blac Chyna’s look were: 20/22/2-24 and a 16″ Deep Wave Lace Closure.

Blac Chyna New Red Hairstyle!2

As you can see, the Brazilian hair trend is continuing its reign right into summer. Since so many women are indulging in the trend do a Blac Chyna and change things up a bit by incorporating a little color. We love that she went fiery red, serving up some mad Jessica Rabbit vibes. Betta work Blac Chyna!

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