Blac Chyna Channels Devil Wears Prada Haircut

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Blac Chyna Channels Devil Wears Prada Haircut and now the whole Internet is going wild! The future Mrs. Angela Kardashian is sporting a new cut that is serving all the greatness of Miranda Priestly. Nevertheless, what do you think? Is Blac Chyna‘s new hairdo giving off some serious Devil Wears Prada vibes?

Blac Chyna Channels Devil Wears Prada Haircut

If you have ever been an intern (all of us here at 1966 have LOL) then one film from 2006 probably made you laugh and cringe at the same time. Who of us can forget Meryl Streep’s captivating performance as a villainous boss lady?

Besides the terror she inflicted to all in the office another aspect of that awesome character everyone remembers is her personal style. From head to toe Miranda Priestly pushed all the way through. Her high-end designer fashions as well as killer hair cut just straight up screamed glamour! However, would we expect anything less from a magazine editor? Uh, course not!

Her haircut was so bomb even a decade later it still feels very en vogue. Blac Chyna’s version of the look is just as flawless. Gray hair has been a hot trend for quite some time yet it still is conveys a fresh and modern aura. We love the swooping action and height of Chyna’s hairstyle which adds dimension without sacrificing sophistication. The fans have spoken on the gray cut and here is what they are saying:


“I actually like this, what a surprise.”

“Too pretty!”


“Push through Angela.”

“It’s so funny because I always thought she look the best with short cuts but if this is how she will look when she gets older… slay on Queen.”


“She real live need to be on X-Men.”

“Lookin like Meryl Streep lol still cute though of course.”

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