Biossance Squalane +Tea Tree Balancing Oil -Reduce Blemishes!

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Biossance Squalane +Tea Tree Balancing Oil

When it comes to skincare, many wonder if using a facial oil is even necessary. Also, others with naturally oily skin fear they will only make things worst by using one. However, facial oils are great because they provide protection, keep pores clean and bacteria at bay. That translates into more control and less breakouts. Therefore, today we are highlighting one facial oil that is quickly becoming a fan favorite and beauty holy grail; the Biossance Squalane +Tea Tree Balancing Oil.

Biossance Squalane +Tea Tree Balancing Oil -Reduce Blemishes

Biossance Squalane +Tea Tree Balancing Oil

If you are scared to use a facial oil, don’t be! Biossance is here to put you completely at ease. In regards to their product Biossance explains,

“Do you have oily/combination skin but have always been nervous to us facial oils? We’re here to change that. Our Squalene + Tea Tree Balancing Oil… Clears. Calms. Hydrates.

Tea Tree Balancing Oil is great if you have concerns with excess oil or sensitive skin; while also diminishing the look of blemishes (bonus!). It contains squalene, an ingredient that is naturally found in your skin’s protective moisture barrier.

For a lot of us, this barrier is often compromised for oil-stripping products; which can actually kick oil production into high gear and create a vicious cycle. Thankfully, squalene helps recharge the moisture barrier and goes deep into your skin to balance itself without a greasy feel.”

Biossance Squalane +Tea Tree Balancing Oil -Reduce Blemishes (Continued)

Biossance Squalane +Tea Tree Balancing Oil

What other capabilities does this new facial oil have? We squeezed more info from Biossance and here’s more intel on this awesome product! The brand states,

“Nevertheless, this is a quick-absorbing, weightless and hydrating facial oil enhanced with tea tree oil and plant-derived squalene, a natural moisturizer. For skin types: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily. For concerns such as: Blemishes, Pores and Redness.

The Tea Tree Oil helps purifies and calms skin. While Squalene weightlessly locks in essential moisture. Furthermore, Rosemary Extract helps to prevent oxidation of oil on the skin.

This [facial] oil is enriched with tea tree that originates from northern Australia; and is grown with the highest-quality eco-friendly; ISO-certified farming practices. Biossance’s exclusive tea tree and squalene combination helps reduce the appearance of blemishes, enlarged pores and other imperfections.”

Want to purchase? This oil is available now online and at Sephora. Each bottle currently retails for $49.

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