Bikini Maintenance, Snack Under 100 Calories!

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How are you ladies maintaining those hot summer bods? If you have been reading our monthly magazine, back in January we challenged readers with a 6 Month Countdown to summer fitness. Getting the body you want is only half the battle, the real work begins when it is time to maintain your dream physique.

Working out and eating right are two major components to staying on track. Let’s face it, you are going to need some of life’s pleasures such as a snack to stay motivated. So many people get extremely militant with diet that eventually they go back to old patterns. Make food a joy, not an enemy to your goals.

A great snack that is under 100 calories is Sargento Cheddar Sticks. They are a great source of daily calcium and just 90 calories per stick. For more great tips be sure to check out 1966 magazine available now for FREE on Itune Newsstand! Get your digital copy and happy reading.