BFYNE SS20 Paradise Collection-Be the Belle of Summer's Ball!

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BFYNE SS20 Paradise collection


The BFYNE SS20 Paradise collection is here and trust us, it is breathtaking! What’s all available in this jam packed vibrant drop? New suits, new cover-ups but same classic gorgeous vibe. BFYNE is definitely THE brand pushing the style envelope and changing the way we all view swimwear; one print at a time!



Based in Miami, Florida, BFYNE has steadily been redefining not only fashion standards, but black beauty. In times past, you may think of the likes of Tyra Banks and Danielle Harrington for Sports Illustrated; when it come to gazing upon a gorgeous black essence in swimwear. However, outside of that… sadly, you may not have that many others coming to mind.


BFYNE SS20 Paradise collection


Which is why BFYNE’s success and movement is so refreshing. They couple stunning, glamorous design with drop dead gorgeous melanin rich models. This is revolutionary because there was a time when you just did not see this in fashion.

Nevertheless, it’s important for young black girls to see positive imagery of themselves. To encourage them to feel beautiful, important, seen and most importantly that they can achieve big things as well.



Maybe like BFYNE they ARE they next big brand or label. Or maybe perhaps they’re the next wave in science, sports, finance, music, entertainment, health, medical or education. The possibilities are endless when confidence is instilled and inspiration can grow. Which is why we love BFYNE for their use of stunning black models in their absolutely beautiful creations.

BFYNE SS20 Paradise Collection-Be the Belle of Summer’s Ball!



What served as the inspiration behind BFYNE’s Paradise SS20 collection? The couture swim label reveals,

“We often think of it as a destination. But what a limiting definition for such a tangible phenomenon. Truly, it exists in our moments and our connections. In the experience of exploring, dreaming and discovery. Inspired by the infinite hues that decorate a nomadic lifestyle, BFYNE presents its SS20 Collection: Paradise.


BFYNE SS20 Paradise collection


From the union of quality and elevated design, BFYNE’s latest collection emerges to give you an unparalleled experience. 24 months of passionate labor bleeds into this collection of prolific prints. Honest to BFYNE’s roots in West African culture, you’ll find patterns that leave you with feelings of inspiration, exhilaration and home. Steady yourself. This aesthetic is not for the faint.



Fashion. Creativity. Breath. A movement with you in mind. Welcome to Paradise.”

There’s something for everyone. Whimsical beauty, voguish pieces; what’s not to love? The Paradise collection is available now and includes every piece you need in order to be style standout this summer!