Beyonce Spirit Video For The Lion King -See Her Fashion Looks!

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Beyonce Spirit Video For The Lion King

This feature is dedicated to the queen’s look in the new Beyonce Spirit Video for The Lion King! Disney put their trust in the multi- Grammy winning artist, and she is not letting them down one bit.

New music, visuals and fashions all to excite Disney AND Beyoncé fans to the hit the theater as soon as the live action flick drops. Have you seen the music video? Mrs. Carter wears a number of vibrant and “tribal” inspired ensembles.

Beyonce Spirit Video For The Lion King

From flowing gowns, fringe, blazers to bodysuits; Bey serves the style scene like never before. Furthermore, what’s also of note is her hairstyling. For the music video, Beyoncé hits a high note in natural hairstyles.

The queen can be seen in long, lengthy braids, flowing wavy hair as well as in various hair accessories. In different scenes Beyoncé opts to rock a bandanna, seashell head mask and gorgeous blue head wrap attached to a form-fitting wrap dress design.

Beyonce Spirit Video For The Lion King -See Her Fashion Looks

Beyonce Spirit Video For The Lion King

All in all, Beyoncé proves why she is the queen of music. She knows how to get the people talking; not only about her voice, but the fashions she chooses to wear. Scroll on to see some of our favorite ensembles from the Spirit music video.

Excited about the upcoming Disney The Lion King Live Action film? The wait is ALMOST over, and you’ll be able to hear Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Alfrey Woodard and James Earl Jones bring the characters to life! The Lion King hits theaters.

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