Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue -In Control and Hires First Black Photographer

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Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue

The Beyonce September Vogue 2018 issue is sure to be one of the top selling mags of 2018! If newsstands can keep up with demand; readers will get a chance to see and read an unprecedented, unparalleled and momentous occurrence in the entire history of journaling.

Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour is handing over the creative reins to Mrs. Carter. Yes, Beyoncé will have FULL control of Vogue’s annual biggest issue of the year. Therefore, what will Mrs. Carter be able to dictate for the September edition? Here is a quick cheat sheet:

  • The music icon will be able to select the photographer of her choosing.
  • Full control over the look of the cover.
  • Full control over all photos of her inside of the issue.
  • Control over the captions used in her spread.
  • Use of captions she has written herself in long-form.

Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue

Sources close to Vogue as well as the Bey camp state that this move is solid. A contract is already currently in place between Beyoncé and the long running magazine. The terms that Beyoncé laid out have been okayed and are apart of the agreement. Moreover, Beyoncé’s first move of business is creating even more history; she has officially hired the first black photographer to shoot her cover of Vogue.

Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue -In Control and Hires First Black Photographer

Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue

While most of the world may think 23-year-old photographer, Tyler Mitchell is a newbie. He is FAR from it. Mitchell has photographed covers for More or Less Magazine, FADER, Teen Vogue as well as Office Magazine. Plus, he has had celebrities such as director Spike Lee, supermodel Slick Woods and actress Amandla Stenberg all take their place in front of his lens.

Plus, Beyoncé fans have no reason to fear that the young Mitchell will not be able to capture Bey’s unique, personal style. Just last year, Tyler photographed a full series of images for high-end designer, Marc Jacobs. These very images also made their way into Dazed magazine.

Furthermore, he is also the director behind the nerve pinching viral video showcasing the need for gun reform. The video put out by Teen Vogue features real texts by real school shooting survivors. On Tyler’s Instagram page alone, the video received numerous positive accolades and some 20,ooo plus views.

Now the talented artist is on tap to bring Beyoncé’s magazine vision to life. From the cover photo to the editorial; Tyler will work hand in hand with the queen of the Beyhive in order to make the Beyoncé September Vogue 2018 issue one for the ages.

Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue -In Control and Hires First Black Photographer (Continued)

Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue

How did Tyler Mitchell get this highly sought after position? Pull. Yes, sources are spilling that Beyoncé had to utilize her celebrity status in order to hire a black photographer. A very sad, and hard to swallow thought given that Vogue has been around for some 126 years AND it’s 2018.

While Tyler is in no way the first black photographer to ever lense photos for Vogue. He is unfortunately the first to ever shoot a Vogue cover. It’s unfortunate because in this day in age this is a mark that should have already been made.

Sources close to Vogue had this to say in regards to the hiring and selection of photographer by Beyoncé:

“The reason a 23 year old black photographer is photographing Beyoncé for the cover of Vogue; is because Beyoncé used her power and influence to get him that assignment.”

“Vogue typically prefers to hire fashion photographers with more traditional experience; and likely would not have selected Mitchell for a cover shoot.”

Why did Beyoncé choose this young and bright talent? Well, a quick glance at Tyler’s work and you will definitely notice similarities in their artistic approach (see his IG page: @tylerphotos). Laidback, a little edgy yet never following in the footsteps of someone else’s look or aesthetic.

Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue

In an interview with The New York Times, Tyler Mitchell explains how he prefers and likes to capture people of color. He mentions,

“I depict black people and people of color in a really real and pure way. There is an honest gaze to my photos.”

This style of “realness” is an aspect that most likely attracted Mrs. Carter to collaborate with Mitchell on her much anticipated, upcoming cover and spread for Vogue.

Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue – Anna Says Goodbye?

As history has shown repeatedly, all good things must come to an end. Nevertheless, is this the end for Ms. Wintour and her tenure as Vogue editor? In shocking twist, all signs are pointing to this outcome as being true.

Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue

The rumor mill is on fire as word on Anna spreads throughout the vine like rapid fire. This is likely Wintour’s final September edition and she is going out with bang. Not only will arguably the biggest artist in these modern music times once again cover the September issue; but Wintour will do something she has never done before, relinquish control.

For decades, there has been only one decider for Vogue… Anna Wintour. She always picks the photographer, the fashions and literally approves everything. Without her say so, it just is not happening. Nonetheless, Anna is graciously taking a side seat for Beyoncé and seems more than happy to do so.

Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue -Sorry No Interviews Loves

Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue

We apologize for being the bearers of such bad news. However, Bey decided to follow in her footsteps of 2015. In that year when she covered Vogue she opted to not give an interview. Something that most look forward to reading when a celebrity covers a magazine.

Nevertheless, dry those eyes. Bey isn’t leaving us all in a lurch! Instead of giving an interview she plans to include her own long-form captions to go along with any imagery shot by Mr. Tyler Mitchell. This should definitely be an interesting and amazing issue!

Beyonce September Vogue 2018 Issue

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