Beyonce Pregnancy Instagram Photo Hits 10 Million Likes

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You know that feeling you get when you post some heat on the Gram and those notifications are sprinkling in from your followers like they’re Salt Bae? Well, Beyonce is getting love on that level and then some. The Grammy award winning singer and style icon will now add yet another accomplishment to her stellar career. One that has never ever happen before in the history of Instagram. Don’t ever underestimate the BeyHive ladies and gents. The fans, friends and family have spoken… Beyonce Pregnancy Instagram Photo Hits 10 Million Likes!

Beyonce Pregnancy Instagram Photo Hits 10 Million Likes

While the rest of us mere mortals pop our collars over 100 likes, Bey over here getting literally 100,000 times that! The frenzy all began when Beyonce quietly announced to the world that not only was she preg but she was also expecting twins. She did so by taking to SM and posting a delicate photograph of herself caressing her bump.

The result was Bey-pandemonium! The news spread faster than a speeding bullet. In seconds every social platform was consumed with the Beyonce announcement. Nevertheless, are we really that surprised? Uh, of course not! They call her queen for a very good reason.

The Bey Pic That Started It All

Moreover, that very day Bey released the pregnancy photo it collected over 6 million likes beating out Selena Gomez’s Coca Cola pic which had held the record for most likes. Gomez currently still holds the number one slot for most followers on the Gram. Therefore, it’s safe to say both ladies are killing the social game.

Beyonce Pregnancy Instagram Photo Hits 10 Million Likes -Go Girl!

Nevertheless, 10 million likes is nothing to shrug off. Plenty of brands and celebs would love to command that type of engagement. In this era of tech everything has changed. For instance, the music industry has had to revamp and rethink how to count or view record sales. It’s not about just pure sales anymore, now streams are just as important.

Moreover, with social media now we base stardom on who achieves and garnishes the most numbers. It’s not about having the complete package just the right aesthetic or following. So then, it’s nice to see someone from the ‘old school’ and pre-Insta era that is still being a boss.

We also got a kick out of all the sisterhood shown this past week. Many celebrities reposted Bey’s pic or left a sweet congratulatory comment. Fellow fashion icon, Rihanna, wished Beyonce and her big bro Jay Z the best with their growing family. Which shows there’s no beef and if there is, it can always be worked through. Let’s continue to support each other, congratulate each other and just be plain happy for one another.

Its a beautiful thing and doesn’t cost a penny. Major congrats again to Bey and Jay. Also, to her hive for demonstrating some more of that black girl magic and racking up ten million likes! Do not see anyone breaking that record any time soon.

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