Beyonce Duo Chloe x Halle Release Drop Single and Video

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Beyonce Duo Chloe x Halle Release Drop Single and Video

It seems just like yesterday that Queen Bey announced that she would be starting her own record label. All eagerly waited to see what talent Bey’s eye would fall upon in the near future. Would she find the next Beyonce, male group or even Destiny’s Child? Time would soon tell. Beyonce then went on to pass two small torches by signing on female duo, Chloe x Halle. Grooming artists is tough, but it looks like Beyonce has molded Chloe x Halle into a musical powerhouse with the release of their single Drop.

Beyonce Duo Chloe x Halle Release Drop Single and Video2

Drop has a very mysterious and mellow vibe with a hip hop twist. The accompanying music video continued in the same vein with lyrical dance moves and ethereal scenery. Fans of Chloe x Halle have been a little split about Drop. Some feel it is a little bit of a departure from their usual sound but one thing all continue to agree on is… the girls can SANG! Here are a few of the comments fans dropped in regards to Drop by Chloe x Halle.

“I love this song it captures you. The video is so different and their vocals wow.”

“Can’t stop hitting replay.”

“The message had me confused and I’m still confused but once someone said Bey signed them, the music finally made [sense]. Lol song wasn’t my favorite. but their voices are still 100!”

“Wow! You are incredible. Such an inspiration for young girls. You can do music with your clothes on.”

“I love it. Their voices are spectacular and I love their locs.”

“This is now my favorite song! It was great and you both sounded great on it. The song is very different and diverse, that’s always good.”

Alright, enough talk right? Check out the video and song below:

One last thing ladies and gents! Drop can also be enjoyed via Tidal, iTunes and spotify. Happy listening!

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Beyonce Duo Chloe x Halle Release Drop Single and Video3Beyonce Duo Chloe x Halle Release Drop Single and Video4