Best Eyelashes WITHOUT Having to Apply Mascara

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Beauty Quickie: Well, say it ain’t so! If you thought the only way to get a pair of full, voluminous lashes was with mascara then prepared to have your mind rocked! There are other methods our dears and it doesn’t mean yanking, shaking or jiggling a wand. Be the belle of the eyelash ball this season. Get your Best Eyelashes WITHOUT Having to Apply Mascara!

Best Eyelashes WITHOUT Having to Apply Mascara

What do you need to pull from your beauty bag in order to make your lashes really pop? Got liner? If you do the great! That’s all you will need to accomplish a natural thick looking lash line.

Eyeliner comes in various tints and tones. However, opt for a black or dark brown shade to really give yourself a dramatic result. Also, aim for a waterproof liner product. Smudging as well as smearing isn’t cute and can happen during a long day or due to the fact it is placed so close to a naturally moist area (the eye itself). So then, do yourself a favor and use a waterproof eyeliner that will help define lashes and stay put all day.

Alrighty, so now you got the right product in mind. Where the heck do you put it? Makeup pros say to get your best lashes you need to place liner right smack on the upper rim of your eyes.

When applying think of apply product in-between lashes as well as underneath them. Filling in in-between strands and right below will create the illusion of volume packed eyelashes. You may need to gently lift your lid in order to line those rims. If you do your eyes will pop more than a champagne bottle!

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