Best Eyebrows With New Revlon Color Stay Brow Pencil

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In 2016 brows got a little bit crazy. Actually, let’s just keep it one hundred we all got carried away. We filled them to their max capacity, highlighted and shaped until they resembled football player face stripes. Nevertheless, this year things are headed back towards a more natural approach. Furthermore, to accomplish this look will need the right tool in your beauty bag. For your best eyebrows take a gander at the new Revlon Color Stay Brow Pencil.

Best Eyebrows With New Revlon Color Stay Brow Pencil

Let’s make and keep this year easy-peasy, shall we? One tool, that does one job and very well at that. Revlon designed their Revlon Color Stay Brow Pencil to address the two important needs when it comes to creating a natural brow. Definition and the ability to soften.

Most of us “do not wake up like this” or are simply “born with it.” If we want a set of glamorous eyebrows we have to get in that bathroom mirror and show our facial hairs who’s the boss. However, the issue with creating a desired eyebrow look is that it is not real. It is not our real eyebrows. So if not done correctly some brows can come to look fake or overdone.

As a result, Revlon is a making things simple by introducing a new brow pencil. In regards to their new product Revlon states, “This season is all about a full brow and our NEW Revlon Color Stay Brow Pencil is the perfect too to add to your makeup kit. Fill and define brows with the angled tip on one side. Then soften with the blending brush on the other.”

Moreover, what we also love is the range in color. All of us beautiful humans come a plethora of skin tones and shades. Therefore, a nice array of hues are needed to accomodate everyone. Not just dark and medium. There is an in-between shade as well as lighter tone available as well. Thanks Revlon, you get it.

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