Beauty Question: What Happens When Your Mascara Grows Old?

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Beauty Question What Happens When Your Mascara Grows Old

Beauty Answer: It retires and goes to live a quiet life in the Bahamas, the end. If only our sense of humor had some truth to it in this regard but mascara doesn’t have such a fairy tale ending ladies. In fact, out of all the beauty products that you have in your possession, most likely your mascara will have the shortest shelf life. This means if you have had the same tube for awhile it may just be time to lay it to rest.

“Well, my mascara works just fine and I have had it for months!” We are sure there are some that feel that way but ponder on these next few facts. Mascara’s performance can be affected by outside temperatures so it is important to make sure your tube avoids extreme cold and heat. Moreover, over time mascara ingredients start to oxidize and degrade. Degradation means that compounds in the formula will break down and the product’s strength or intensity will fade.

Beauty Question What Happens When Your Mascara Grows Old2

Such degrading can lead to dried up formula and the causing of flakes. A look that you definitely do not want to rock in public. So then, how long should mascara be kept after purchase? Every three to four months your mascara should be tossed in favor of a newer one.

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