Beauty Question: Is Mineral Makeup Safe?

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Beauty Question Is Mineral Makeup Safe

Beauty Answer: This is a very wise question to ask because it involves making sure that our biggest organ on our body remains well-protected… our skin. More and more organic and “healthy” beauty products are on the rise because of recent discoveries of harmful ingredients in major products. Nevertheless, never assume that just because a product totes itself as being safe that it really is; always do your research before purchasing.

With that said not all mineral makeup products are good for you. There are some that contain a powdered form of titanium dioxide which can be quite dangerous to the body if inhaled. Now when titanium dioxide is in a cream based formed it is much safer because the solid form helps to prevent it from being inhaled. However, when titanium dioxide is inhaled as a powder the effects can be compared to those exposed to asbestos. Yikes!

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Many exposed to asbestos for a short period of time are normally okay. Nevertheless, frequent exposure and after some time usually decades later the harmful effects become apparent and some even develop lung cancer. Now let’s that apply that to the using of mineral products with unsafe ingredients. A little exposure may not harm you, but most women apply makeup daily and reapply throughout the day. That is a lot of exposure which could do a lot of damage down the road. So then, always read the ingredients list carefully so that no matter what type of makeup you are purchasing you are protecting yourself and your health.

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