Beauty and the Smartphone- 5 Facts That Will Change You Forever

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Beauty and the Smartphone- 5 Facts That Will Change You Forever

We use them every day of our lives and panic when only one bar of service is available. However, there is way more terrifying and disturbing details regarding these tech gadgets that will alter your way of doing things forever. Well, at least it should cause you to at least give it a little more thought. No fluff or lead-in to this subject ladies, let’s just get right to it. Here are 5 facts about smartphones that will change you forever:

1. It’s Like Putting a Public Restroom Toilet Seat to Your Head- Researchers have discovered that our precious phones contain 18 times more bacteria per square inch than an average toilet seat. The next time you experience an unexpected breakout your cellie may be to blame.

2. Oh Crud- From the outside everything may look fine but the inside may be a whole other story. The good thing is Apple knows how to design a phone that is very secure, the bad thing is it is so secure that crud gets stuck in the phone and never falls out. Cell phone repairmen report that when cleaning phones they have discovered food particles that have caked along with finger oils stuck around the home button.

Beauty and the Smartphone- 5 Facts That Will Change You Forever4

3. That’s a Load of Cr*p- Hate to break it to you, but researchers also found fecal matter on a large amount of phones. Before you deny it, think about that time you had to see or check your FB, IG, Pins, Tumbles, Snaps, Vines and Tweet time lines while you sat upon your glorious throne. Yup… that’s how it got there.

4. More Transfers Than a Bank Account- Microbes or bacterium can be transferred from person to person due to their ability to survive for days on the surface of your phone.

5. It’s a Bug’s Life- This one freaked us out the most so we are going to say it then quickly put it out of our minds. Very, very tiny critters may be living it up inside of your smartphone because they like the warmth that it provides. They find their way inside by using the earphone jack or other little openings. Nevertheless, there are products that you can buy to help keep them out…yay.

Beauty and the Smartphone- 5 Facts That Will Change You Forever6

Alright, so what can be done in order to protect the beauty from the smart phone? We need our phones so we are not just going to burn them and live a life of phone celibacy. The key is all about maintaining a clean smartphone, there is no way around it. Keep your phone clean by wiping it down with antibacterial wipes and don’t forget to wash your hands. Moreover, be mindful where you are setting your phone down, aim to place it in an area that is not sketchy. Always think about if you would be willing to press your phone against your face if you laid your cell down in a particular area. If the thought of the face press scares you more than Friday the 13th then do not set your phone down in that area at any cost.

Beauty and the Smartphone- 5 Facts That Will Change You Forever3

Whew! Close call but its all going to be okay… so keep those selfies coming!

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