Balmain Sur Seine -75 Years of Fabulous Balmain Couture!

Balmain Sur Seine
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Balmain Sur Seine

Enchante DARLINGS! We are still in a cloud full of mesmerizing, ethereal, decadent design oozing of whimsy, creation and art. Balmain Sur Seine is an once in a lifetime fashion presentation that captivates the more you peer and gaze upon it.



Perhaps it was the electric magic of Paris in the background. Or the musical stylings of Ysult. Maybe it was the allure of the lightly dancing waves streaming down the Seine River; or the stunning skies of beautiful clouds that had parted just slight enough so that the sun could shine through and produce one tantalizing rainbow!



Or still… maybe it was all the handsome and beautiful models such as Cindy Bruna; that  made it near impossible to glance away from the festivities. You see.. Yes all of the above is true because it really did occur.

Yet, in the mix of all of that beauty; there was a show. A show like no other. It beautifully captures the times we are living in where we must look to the past in order to know how to handle the future. Since it is true, those who forget history are bound to repeat it.



Nevertheless, that is exactly the show the Balmain house showcased to us… to the world! A luxurious display of lush, rich design history of Balmain spanning some 75 years.



We may not be able to meet together due to Covid and quarantine restrictions. However, those things have no bearing on masterpieces. No bearing on the development and creativity of art through fashion. Therefore, witnessing such exquisite talent throughout the decades in the form of gowns, suits, and embellished dresses is definitely the passion and work ethic that is so refreshing to see!

Balmain Sur Seine -75 Years of Fabulous Balmain Couture


Balmain Sur Seine


Now we will stop getting out over Paris and the couture long enough to share what designer Olivier Rousteing and the Balmain had to say about the Seine fashion show that kicked off Paris Couture Week. First up, in regards to the runway extravaganza Balmain says,

“What  an incredible feeling it was to see everyone who came to support Balmain Sur Seine. Paris, we are stronger than ever together. It was very important to make this accessible to all.

Balmain Sur Seine


Thank you to all the incredible humans involved; including Olivier Rousteing, the models, the dancers, the amazing Yseult. And special thanks to Jean Charles Jousni and all the teams on board. We are Balmain Ensemble!”




Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing is just as proud and excited over what took place during the Balmain runway show along the Seine River. He states,

“It was a moment that I will never forget presenting the couture of 75 years of Balmain since 1945; has been magical. I can not thank enough all the people on board. From the models to the production to all the Balmain team.



This has been epic knowing what we are going through. My point was spreading some beauty and love in the world that we are living in. It was so beautiful millions of people all around Paris enjoying this moment and sharing with you.

I work in Fashion for YOU.”

-Olivier Rousteing



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