Baddie B Lashes in Extra -Back and Better Than EVER!

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When something is already good, the usual rule thumb is not to mess with it. HOWEVER, Baddie B Lashes, is like, “hold our beer and our lash glue!” The beauty brand made the decision to improve on a lash design that is already fabulous in its own right. Are you guys ready for this new release? Get your lash lines prepped and ready for Baddie B Lashes in EXTRA!

Fans are SHOOK! For a bit now the running census was that EXTRA “is never coming back.” The favorite faux eyelashes sold COMPLETELY out leaving many eyes bare and crying out for new stock.


Baddie B Lashes in Extra


Baddie B Lashes finally heard all the pleas for help. Even posting about it via their social media page on Instagram. Their page got littered with comments such as:

“When will EXTRA be back in stock?”

“When are you guys gonna restock “extra?”

“Can y’all please restock EXTRA?”

“Are you guys restocking extra?”

We would like to take this time to translate the above. Clears throat, “HELP! Help please! Stop playing y’all!” And so on, and so forth. Baddie B Lashes finally got the point!

Baddie B Lashes in Extra -Back and Better Than EVER!


Baddie B Lashes in Extra


Now EXTRA is back and more of a diva than ever. Some features of this lash design update include:

•New EXTRA is a long lightweight crisscross lash.
•Can be worn with or without eyeliner.
•3D Mink Hair
•Flexible Band



If you like your eyes looking a bit EXTRA; you will absolutely love these Lashes! Add them now to your beauty bags while you can (available on They retail for less than $20! Happy shopping!



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