Back to Sleep Remix By Chris Brown Feat. Usher and Zayn

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Back to Sleep Remix By Chris Brown Feat. Usher and Zayn2

We got sent a message on Twitter as to our thoughts on the Back to Sleep remix by Chris Brown featuring Usher and Zayn. Immediately after hearing the first few chords we instantly recognized Marvin Gaye influence. Then, we heard the verse by Zayn, formerly of One Direction. From that moment on we totally understood what all the fuss is about (LOL). That boy sang the heck out of his verse! Listen:

Zayn’s verse gave us a moment similar to us hearing Nick Jonas belt out Jealous. Not sure if we are just used to One Direction’s super pop sound, but we did not think anything close to that could come out of Zayn. It is clear we are not the only ones to do a double take, we found some pretty funny reactions online:

“That Zayn dude lowkey had the best verse vocals wise he held his own easily.”

“Who ever the last guy is, that dude can sing.”

“I can’t sleep Zayn what you gonna do about it …”

“ZAYN JUST GOT HIS BLACK CARD lol btw his verse was definitely the best, straught fireee.”

Other than the Zayn revelation, Chris Brown yelling for Karreuche is probably the other most shocking moment in the song. Breakups are always tough and Brown may be missing ol’ girl. Karreuche is riding high right now with a new movie soon to be released. Fans who heard Brown’s passionate plea during the Back to Sleep remix immediately starting commenting to Karreuche to run for the hills. However, there were some others that figured if the two can work things out why not.

Back to Sleep Remix By Chris Brown Feat. Usher and Zayn

Therefore, our overall thoughts on the Back to Sleep remix is that it is a nice mellow vibe of R&B. Definitely, grown folks music that we wouldn’t suggest for little ears. Moreover, we need to check Zayn’s bloodstream for traces of black (HA). Lastly, it looks like Karreuche is winning the breakup because home girl is still having hits written about her.

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