Ba Da BaBaBa...I'm Lovin' It! Moschino Fall 2014

Ba Da BaBaBa...I'm Lovin' It! Moschino Fall 2014
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Ba Da BaBaBa…I’m Lovin’ It!

Every time I see someone wearing Moschino by Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2014 Collection that song comes to mind and it won’t leave. I truly love how people are embracing this look because it’s hip, fun, cool and not so toffy nose like other collections can be at times. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure McDonald’s is also lovin’ all this free publicity (like they need any help).

Moreover, what’s so interesting about all of this to me is that McDonald’s is relentlessly scolded about being bad for you and unhealthy. However, the fashion industry is saying no it’s fine as long as it’s in moderation, which I believe is best for this look or you will start looking very cartoon-y.

Therefore, what I’ve learned from this collection is that the fashion and food industry are the same. If you keep everything in moderation it will all work out fine. So, go ahead wear a little Moschino with a small fry on the side it’s OK. If you can wear such a stylish look, then man you should at least be able to eat it.

So Ba Da BaBaBa…I’m Lovin’ It!! See told you can’t get it out of my head:)


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