Avengers EndGame Re-Release -(A Nerd's Take) Return to Theaters with "Surprises"

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Avengers EndGame Re-Release

Get in the car loser, we’re going back to the theater! There is an Avengers Endgame Re-Release on the horizon, and Marvel fans are getting ready to grab their keys (plus shields, hammers and gauntlets attire); and jump on it. Endgame is already a major blockbuster hit. Breaking just about every box office record in existence.

However, there is one that fans, Marvel and Disney want bad. It is the: Biggest movie of all-time. Right now Avatar is sitting pretty with that title. Yet, will it keep it? Depends… mainly on what this re-release has in store and to offer.

So what are fans getting out of this deal? New stuff, new scenes and more new unseen awesomeness. You see there is plenty to show, because Endgame had been sufficiently hacked at prior to its initial release. Seemingly, even days just before it hit theaters no one knew exactly how long the run time would even prove to be. After much speculation; news finally brought to light a runtime of three hours and two minutes.

These cuts left a lot on the table. A lot of gems that could be used later as special features or “collector’s” edition memorabilia. Nevertheless, Disney as a true business saw an opportunity. Seriously, come on people, they are number one for a reason!

Disney is aiming to squeeze out every dollar that it can out of Endgame. While some fans are deeming this as a “desperate” move. In actuality it is far from it. When comparing Avatar and Endgame at the box office side by side; there’s really no comparison.

Avatar racked up coins due to the fact that it was allowed to remain in theaters for 8 months. Almost an ENTIRE year. A lot of films could make a killing with that kind of box office presence. Nevertheless, Endgame blew the competition away making a billion dollars in its first weekend, not week; but weekend of release. It then went on to hit two billion the following week.

The trickling in of monies is continuing, but it is certainly slowing down. However, Endgame in its 9th week (barely 2 months) stood only about 40-50 million apart from breaking Avatar’s all time record at the box office. For a movie still in release in just about every major market worldwide; it is in the right spot to still make up the difference.

Avengers EndGame Re-Release -(A Nerd’s Take) Return to Theaters with “Surprises”

While Avatar had the allure of special effects; the story line keeps it from being an ultimate favorite among moviegoers. While many admit to going to go see it. Many more will honestly say that all in all it is just a bad movie.

However, boring or bad, or whatever people wish to classify it; the fact is that Avatar is still on top. Nonetheless, Avenger’s Endgame still holds an ACE. The fact that the movie is actually really good. Also, the cast itself is a draw, people love Stan Lee and getting to see some exclusive new footage is a win-win.

Avengers EndGame Re-Release

So then, what about that new footage? What exactly is going to be apart of the re-release? Plus, when can fans expect to see it and buy their tickets?

All valid questions and there are answers! Kevin Feige kindly filled in the masses about the awesome new scenes. Feige says fans can expect a new post-credits scene. Brilliant! Since if you were like us you stayed to the very END and realized… “crud, it really is over. They are not giving us anymore post credits extras.” Well, fret no more, because the re-release WILL have one.

However, there is more! Although Disney is stating firmly that this Re-releasing is not an extended cut. Word on the street is that fans are in for six additional minutes of Avengers action. That may seem small and diminutive; however, remember Thanos’ snap was only like one second and the whole universe changed. Therefore, six minutes is a lot of time in the movie realm to pull the tears and triumphantly screams right out of us.

Basically, it all boils down to this according to Feige: “a deleted scene, a little tribute and a few surprises.” Will these new additions be enough to dethrone Avatar once and for all? It literally will come down to us, the fans. Some may doubt, but most Marvel fans all over the world have the same mindset, “Whatever it takes!”

Therefore, set your alarms and calendars because the Avengers EndGame Re-Release is going down on June 28. Get your tickets now if you don’t want to miss out!

The Reality

Avengers EndGame Re-Release

So then, where are we at? Currently, all reports are showing that Marvel’s Avenger’s Endgame has made a whopping $2.744 billion at the global box office to date. Avatar’s take? Avatar currently stands at $2.787 billion. Therefore, in a nutshell Marvel fans have to part with $43 million (44-45 for safe keeping) in order to beat Avatar.

Some tough critics are already saying that there is no way that even a re-release can push the Avengers over into all-time box office glory. This is because Avatar’s re-release only earned another 11 million. So then, the Avengers would have to put up numbers 4 times that.

Nevertheless, no one saw Endgame making 2 billion so quickly so never say never. Additionally, if the “extras” prove to be simply amazing, word will spread fast and many others will flock to see it for themselves; the total snowball effect. This film situation can play out in a number of ways. Therefore, it’s best to let time tell the ultimate story.

Furthermore, regardless of Avengers Endgame taking the top spot on the global box office chart; it will still be a great time for Disney. On the heels of the re-release Disney will launch three new films. The newest Spidey flick (Spiderman Far From Home), Toy Story 4 and the live action The Lion King. With the wild success of Aladdin we are sure Disney execs are somewhere jubilantly singing, “Oh I just can’t wait to be king!”

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