Fashionable Mention: Beyonce Wears Maternity ASOS Preggers Tshirt

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ASOS Preggers Tshirt

Every Queen Bey fan is steadily counting down the day until the twins finally make their long-awaited appearance. Nevertheless, the ruler of the world’s biggest hive is doing a pretty bang up job of keeping one and all busy as well as focused on her style prowess. Beyonce is steadily posting shoot after shoot of her personal fashion statements. Her latest to take the Gram by storm? The ASOS Preggers Tshirt, a graphic slogan tee that is too on point for words!

Fashionable Mention: Beyonce Wears Maternity ASOS Preggers Tshirt

We all know Bey is “flawless” and now she is also preggers… and she makes it all look fab! Furthermore, the ASOS brand makes it easy for a glowing woman with child to stay current and trendy. The label boasts in the fact that their maternity wear is far from anything that can be considered “Frumpy.”

This is music to the ears of moms-to-be the world over. In the past a stylish pregnant lady was lucky to find an enlarged garment resembling a sheet with four holes. Now thanks to brands like ASOS the pregnancy couture tide has finally turned.

ASOS Preggers Tshirt

The ASOS Preggers Tshirt retails for only $28! Quite a steal in every way possible. Upon making the discovery that Beyonce rocked their shirt, ASOS made the following statement,

“Yes that’s right, the Queen B herself in our Preggers T-shirt! From Bootylicious to Bumpalicious! Sorry it’s currently sold out, but keep your eyes peeled!”

Sorry dolls if you had hoped to make this cool tee your very own, but as you can see ASOS left the door open. We have a strong feeling thanks to the Bey appearance ASOS will be restocking real soon.

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