Argaux Wine -Popping Bottles and Quarantine Kits!

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It’s a long weekend ahead and we have the PERFECT wine to kick back with; and not just for next 72 hours either. We are helping all of you fabulous people think ahead! This tantalizing spirits brand is so amazing you will want to stock up for all your future parties and Zoom meet-ups! Ladies and gentlemen it is time to spray some confetti get into Argaux wines!

Imagine being able to bring the thrill and luxury of wine tasting to the comfort of your living room. Now you can. Argaux is the official best way to not just buy, but TASTE and experience delicious wines.



Rich, bold, light, smooth… Argaux’s wines have a little something for everyone. One fun aspect that we love about this company right off the bat are the Quarantine Edition Blind Tasting Kits. Trust us, these kits have “good times” written all over them.

How do they work? Plus, how can you and your friends get them for your next indoor shenanigans? Well, we went to the source to find out! First here’s a little background intel in regards to their Quarantine Blind Tasting Kits the wine brand reveals,

“Hunkered down at home? Weekend plans now include staying in? Stay sane with family breathing down your neck; and enhance the conversation while drinking the good stuff.

Here at Argaux, wine education starts with tasting. We hope [we] can help keep the good vibes rolling; the conversation light-hearted, and your glasses half full during this tough and challenging time.

Hosting a group tasting? Simply add as many kits to your cart and select “ship to multiple addresses” at checkout! If you’d like all the kits to include the same wine please leave a note for Team Argaux.”

Argaux Wine -Popping Bottles and Quarantine Kits




Got it? Simple enough? Alright, now for the fun part… how do you guzzle down all the fun during your friends/family meet ups?! Here’s what’s suggested from the wine brand itself:

1. Don’t unwrap the bottles!
2. Experience each wine with sight, nose, palate technique ONLY.
3. Fill in your tasting grid (included in the kit).
4. Talk amongst yourselves, and describe what you’re seeing, smelling and tasting!
5. Make your final conclusion.
6. Reveal the bottles!



Seriously, like… how fun would this be! Being based in California ourselves, this is just such apart of the culture. We live for lounges, bars, rooftops and ranches offering us the best in the realm of wine tasting. But whether you’re Californian or not; really anyone can get in on such a festive experience and ENJOY IT! So gather all of your bougie friends (LOL) and order some kits ASAP. Kits range for $50-$150.

The Cool Backstory



With such fabulous ideas, you may wonder what’s the inspiration behind this wine scene? How did this brand come to be? Well, it all started at the University of Arizona, where two freshmen realized that they were not only awesome (you go ladies lol); but had a lot in common. The two friends, Arden and Margaux bonded over their love of food, cooking and entertaining. And from there… their passion project was born! According to Arden and Margaux:

“Their friendship grew over monthly dinner parties they co-hosted for friends and roommates. Soon they were known as the “dinner party enthusiasts;” and their appetite for all things food and cooking fostered their newfound interest and passion for wine. By their senior year in college friends called [them], Argaux.



Various wine bars around Tucson became their ‘library’ where they’d ponder the possibilities and dream up a business plan for what once was a passion project; and now a budding business. Today, Arden and Margaux are both sommeliers (a wine steward, trained and knowledgeable wine professional). Their business, Argaux, is [now] three years old and based in Costa Mesa, California.”

Argaux Wine -Popping Bottles and Quarantine Kits… Get YOURS!

What a story! What a company. Best part is, right now has never been a better time to try this wonderful brand out. They are offering deals for Memorial Day weekend.

Argaux has sourced 12 roses from the founder/sommelier’s go-to summer destinations near and far just in time for the holiday weekend. So grab your sunhat, shades, and suit! Don’t let quarantine rain on your summer plans. Rose to the rescue!



The Deal: 15% off one time payments (2 cases of Rose over 4 months). Each month you will receive 6 wines (2 bottles of each selection for that month). Between May and August you’ll receive a total of 24 bottles (2 cases of Rose).

Don’t miss out! Order now, and let the good things roll… right off the tip of tongue. Plus, we will be sure to update you all about this must-have brand. HAVE FUN!

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