Where to Apply Highlighter Makeup to Bring Out Your Features

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It is human nature to always want to put your best foot forward. In the beauty world us girls want to know how to put our best makeup brushes forward. Trends come and go yet one seems to be gaining even more dominance. Highlighter Makeup is now very popular due to how amazing it shows up in photos and accentuates facial features. Can you say 100+ like selfie? Today, we are teaching exactly Where to Apply Highlighter Makeup to Bring Out Your Features!

Where to Apply Highlighter Makeup to Bring Out Your Features

Makeup is for helping to bring out a woman’s natural beauty. It is used to enhance one’s own natural features. Highlighter Makeup is the perfect product to accomplish this without looking over the top.

There’s six places on the face you may choose to highlight. Word of caution: Highlighter focuses and brings LOTS of attention to the area it is placed. So then, if there is a feature you do not want emphasized or pronounced DO NOT apply Highlighter there.


Where to Apply Highlighter Makeup Cheat Sheet

Alright ladies the time is here! Our beauty expert’s quick Highlighter cheat sheet list. Use it and you will be a Highlighter Makeup pro!

Highlighter Cheat Sheet

Under Eyebrows: Apply here to open the eyes.

Along Bridge of Nose: Place here to make the nose look straighter.

Chin: Got small lips? This will make them appear bigger.

Along Top of Cheeks: Brings out cheekbones, think Naomi Campbell bone structure.

Forehead: Apply highlighter here right in the middle in an upside down triangle shape. This will help bring dimension.

Cupid’s Bow (upper lip): Application here will make the lip appear bigger and fuller.

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