Anthénea -World's First Luxury Floating Hotel Suite!

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ALL ABOARD!! Darlings, whether on land or at sea, you can always travel in ultimate luxury. Introducing… Anthénea, the world’s first floating hotel suite!

This opulent liner breathes a breath of fresh air into eco travel with a multi-sensory experience aimed at owners and hoteliers! Moreover, it is for travelers looking to reconnect with nature and explore the seas in grandeur and style.

Imagine yourself witnessing mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. Gazing out upon the sea in all of its splendor. While you lie in divinely, radiant acccomodations. That is the reality, that is Anthenea’s charm!

Furthermore, Anthénea’s aesthetic is a futuristic-looking watercraft designed and manufactured in France by veteran designers, engineers, and naval architects. Their vision? Simple. To create an eco-responsible and nomadic vessel for eco tourists.

Does that sound like you? For many it does. Due to the fact that Luxury Boating can indeed provide experiences of a lifetime. However, it can come at the cost of toxic environmental impacts, making ocean waters overly alkaline or acidic.

Nevertheless, Anthénea’s design fixes that right on up. It offers the solution with its eco-responsible floating suites: a solar and electric-powered watercraft. Perfection!

As one can see, Anthénea is autonomous, self-sufficient, and ecological. Additionally, it is equipped with silent electric motors in the proprietary version. the floating suite is solar powered and can stay afloat indefinitely thanks to five south-facing solar panels and two electric propulsion pods.

Furthermore, its domed shape is designed to follow the sun’s rays and blend seamlessly into the environment; while its central well serves as an undersea observatory and natural air conditioning system! Are there optional features? Well, of course! Such additional features include a: desalination system and wood burning stove; which can be installed anywhere with zero environmental impact.

Anthénea -World’s First Luxury Floating Hotel Suite!

Now let’s dive into the inside! Where you will spend a great amount of time relaxing in decadence!

The 50m2 capsule includes three living spaces. The day space is equipped with a sofa, a mini bar, curved furniture covered with waxed concrete and a 3m underwater window. Fabulous!

Moreover, the night space is composed of a 2.20m circular bed and a sea or freshwater bathtub. The relaxation area has a 360° solarium on its roof-top for 12 people. All interior features are entirely made from sustainable materials.

The cost to lavishly vacation on the high seas? It depends on your preferences and personal tastes. The details are completely up to your decision making. Pricing starts at 535,000 Dollars.

How to Operate Anthénea

Do not be intimidated. This pod can be piloted by anyone in any environment. Moreover, Anthénea adapts to a wide temperature range: -30°C to +40°C; and the aerodynamic design blends perfectly into any natural environment.

Plus it requires no navigational knowledge or experience to operate. Therefore, you do not need to feel like you will be “lost at sea.”

Also, one reason many sigh away from a luxury sea adventure is due to the thought of becoming sick. However, you leave the motion medicine at home! Seasickness is a thing of the past thanks to Anthénea’s stabilizing ballasting and 360° panoramic vision on the horizon.

Final Thoughts on the Prestigious Anthénea!

This is not your average trip. It is truly the adventure and journey of a lifetime! These floating accommodations offer a new form of tourist experience; between underwater vision and also land exploration. Anthénea allows the traveller to discover unsuspected territories. Furthermore, sailors will also live unexplored experiences while unfolding the thread of the intimate: the link with nature and with oneself.

Moreover, relax your mind. You will experience no building permits or time-consuming construction. Plus, you can rest at ease knowing it is more environmentally safe and friendly. This floating jewel gives hoteliers an eco-responsible approach to hospitality!

A pre-industrial just launched off the Brittany coast.

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