SEXY! Anklet Jewelry That Will Completely Transform Your Heels!

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Heels are already an article of clothing well known for infusing sex appeal into any attire. We mean seriously, what’s not to love? Legs look longer, more sculpted as well as defined and ready to bring any onlooker to his or their knees! However, did you know there is one small element you can add to your look that will up the ante faster than a heartbeat? Get ready to make pulses race even quicker this year, all lovers of fashion it’s time to hail the anklet!

SEXY! Anklet Jewelry That Will Completely Transform Your Heels


Yes dolls the anklet is a high heel’s wingman. It’s not just standing on the sidelines doing absolutely nothing. It gets in the mix, makes some introductions and proudly proclaims, “My friend the heel!”

Furthermore, anklets are great styling elements for several amazing reasons. Consider the following:

You’re Like…Kinda Boring- Ever had a pair shoes that made you go, “Meh.” Well, that’s the beauty of ankle jewelry. They can instantly change the vibe of your heels. Instead of lackluster your footwear will give off fashionable drama!

You Had Me at Hello- If your crush already loves the sound of heels period. Just wait till they hear your new melodious strut. Hello date night.

•It Can Do What?!– Alright, this one comes straight from the science realm. For thousands of years women have adorned themselves with ankle ornaments; however, now researchers are confident that these beauties can provide a plethora of health benefits.

There’s just one tiny catch, the anklet has to be made out of silver. Although, studies are ongoing, in some people silver anklets have helped with blood circulation and keeping germs at bay. Far-fetched? Maybe, but if it works for you then more power to you.

Anklet Jewelry – Benefits (Continued)



•It’s Magic Baby- Not all of us are born with supermodel legs. Gams that are longer than the Mississippi and thinner than a Slim Jim. However, you can fake it in a cinch.

By wearing an anklet you can give off the illusion of longer legs. Same is true if you wear heels or sandals with an ankle strap. Your welcome.

Show Me the Money!- Your heels may have been on the clearance rack, but with the addition of jewelry no one will ever know! Also, if you already have an old pair of heels you’re considering pitching, don’t do it. Instead save a few bucks and update the shoe’s style with an anklet. Furthermore, if you’re really feeling on the thrifty side hit up YouTube. On there you will find countless video tutorials showing you how to make your own ankle jewels for super cheap.

Anklet Jewelry That Will Completely Transform Your Heels


Alright, enough talk already, we want to show all you lovelies the ankle jewelry we are currently obsessed with right now. Before we go any further, these babies can be considered a little bit of a splurge because they’re a tad more expensive than the average anklet. Yet, they are totally worth it!

Did you take note of the chic images in this post? Well, all these pairs of fabulous anklets are designed by sultry jewelry brand, Lace by Tanaya. Yes, the same fashion accessory label that has even been worn by Beyoncé!

Nevertheless, Lace by Tanaya‘s full lineup of ankle jewelry is beyond HOT and glamorous. What will you find? Discover luxe designs incorporating ribbon bows in multiple tones, crystals, chains and links as well as sleek golden cuffs.

The price? All the pieces range from $50-$140; depending on the style. However, if attention is what you seek you are sure to get all you want with these anklet designs! Therefore, get them while you can (they always sell out) at

Anklet Anklet Anklet

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