Angela Bassett Joins Black Panther Cast!

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Well, thank you Marvel! Even though Angela Bassett looks too good to play anyone’s mother, she will be seen as one in an upcoming Marvel film. Read on to find out more details on Angela Bassett Joins Black Panther Cast!

Angela Bassett Joins Black Panther Cast

Marvel has steadily been adding more and more diversity into their hit films. We are not just referring to skin color but we mean age as well. In an industry driven by youth it is so cool to see “old school” and seasoned actors and actresses still rocking it on the big screen.

Angela Bassett will join a flurry of amazing actors in the upcoming Black Panther film. Others who have been tapped to be apart of the soon-to-be blockbuster include: Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan, Danai Gurira and Forest Whitaker. Even though the release is slated for 2018 we are already totally nerding out with the idea of this movie.


Angela Bassett Joins Black Panther Cast – The Role

So who exactly will Bassett play in Black Panther? Angela will star in the role of Ramonda. Ramonda is actually the step-mother of Black Panther. Panther’s real mother unfortunately passed away during child birth.

One aspect we think would be really cool to add into the BP film is showing the Kimoyo Beads. This awesome piece of tech can only be used in the nation of Wakanda. If you have been keeping up with the Marvel movies that nation’s name has probably already rang a bell or two. Here’s another hint: Vibranium.

What’s so cool about Kimoyo Beads? Not only do they provide info on a person they also can display a holographic screen that taps into an “Internet” type system. Plus, the beads can connect to other beads worn by other people. Therefore, they can kind of be used like a smartphone and send texts. Basically, they are like Apple watches on crack but way more fashionable. So then, let’s see what Marvel has in store!

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