Ancient Cosmetics Pineapple + Bergamot Whipped Body Butter-Bye Acne Scars!

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Ancient Cosmetics Pineapple + Bergamot Whipped Body Butter

Next time you see acne or an acne scar just say, “GIRL BYE!” Since there is a product out there that can help you take care of both issues. What is it? Ancient Cosmetics Pineapple + Bergamot Whipped Body Butter. An amazing moisturizer with ancient roots!

Ancient Cosmetics Pineapple + Bergamot Whipped Body Butter-Bye Acne Scars!

What can this Ancient Cosmetics moisturizer do for you? PLENTY. For starters, you can improve your skin’s glow, overall health and vitality. How? The beauty brand explains,

“Soft luxurious supple skin is waiting for you. Level up your moisturizer and switch to Holistic Body Butters. A mix of Shea butter, Coconut Oil and many hydrating oils will replenish your skin each and every day. Your skin will thank you!

Ancient History: Citrus bergamia, better known as Bergamot. This fruit is Produced in Argentina, Brazil, the Ivory Coast, Morocco and some parts of South East Asia. Historically Bergamot fruit juice was used by the indigenous people of Italy to treat malaria.

Benefits: Bergamot- Reduces acne scars and other skin blemishes. You can also use this oil to lighten dark spots. Great for oily skin because it is lightweight.

We always recommend to spot test new products. If discomfort or irritation occurs please discontinue use.”

Now if all those benefits didn’t sell you, then this next reveal might just seal the deal. While other products have a shelf shorter than you can say, “Where did it go George?” Ancient Cosmetics simply breaks the mold.

From the time you purchase one of these nourishing moisturizers; the product boasts a shelf life of 1 FULL YEAR!! That’s how you know you are using something well-made and truly unique.

Ready to make Ancient Cosmetics a regular thing? Get your Pineapple + Bergamot Whipped Body Butter now at Each one currently retails for $12.99.


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