Amber Rose Shows Off New Haircut!

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Amber Rose Shows Off New Haircut!

You probably read this feature’s headline, “Amber Rose Shows Off New Haircut,” and thought why is that such a big deal? Well, the gorgeous model normally rocks a hair look that can be summed up or described as rather… well, bald. Rose’s infamous platinum shaved hairdo has been inspiring many other hair brave women to follow in her fearless footsteps and do the big snip. We had become so accustomed to seeing Amber Rose with her super short hairstyle that we almost didn’t recognize her as of late.

Amber Rose Shows Off New Haircut!2

Amber’s Infamous “Bald” Hairstyle 

Let’s get some more details on the whole Amber Rose Shows Off New Haircut shall we? Amber was partying it up in hotlanta aka ATL aka Atlanta, Georgia when her new hair made its debut. Rose lived it up with a huge crowd and friends at the Gold Room. Moreover, her style was as fresh as her tresses. There was nothing mellow yellow about her attire! Rose wore an ensemble that showed off all her insanely stunning lady lumps. She wore a sunflower Gallagher dress by Jay Godfrey. She accompanied her sassy yellow dress with shoes by Aquazzura.

Amber Rose Shows Off New Haircut!3

Going back to her hair (we digress LOL) Amber showcased another short hairstyle with a longer length. It still read fierce, it still was very edgy. However, is it bad that we prefer her bald look? It’s like when Halle Berry wears longer hair, don’t we all just wait it out till she goes back to her sexy crop cut? Some women just honestly do not need any hair on their heads and Halle as well as Rose are neck deep in that grouping.

Nevertheless, it was still a very beautiful look and it highlighted her stunning facial features. That is rule number one when thinking about going short dolls. Take into consideration your face shape and features when deciding on the perfect short hairstyle. Since once the locks are all gone there’s nothing left to hide behind. Short hair puts everything front and center.

Amber Rose Shows Off New Haircut!4Amber Rose Shows Off New Haircut!5

In conclusion we loved Amber Rose’s new look. It’s always nice to change things up a bit. However, she kills the bald style like no other and we wouldn’t be mad if she went back to it.

Amber Rose Shows Off New Haircut!6

Beauty Notes: Red lipstick is still a classic beauty look and immediately screams, “Yeah, I’m sexy and you know it, so take a picture it’ll last longer.” Maybe not in that order, but pretty darn close. Oh, and always line your lips to avoid the dreaded color bleed.

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Amber Rose Shows Off New Haircut!7

Amber Rose With Kellon Deryck (The Man Who Slayed Her Hair)